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"The Healing Collection"Cindy Cox has been called into the ministry of healing – teaching and preaching God’s truth and healing the sick.  The teachings in this collection are Holy Spirit anointed and empowered to reveal the heart of God to you, His precious child!  

The Healing Collection Podcast
The Healing Collection

"A Healing Journey" is a bible study authored and taught by Cindy Cox, an anointed teacher who will lead you through God’s Word of truth regarding healing with simplicity and clarity. What does the Bible say about healing? Is it truly God’s will to heal? What is our part in receiving healing? How can we exercise our authority as believers over disease, pain, and the fear that comes with a diagnosis of chronic or terminal disease?

These podcasts came from our Illness Recovery classes that took place weekly at Life Christian Church, in Troy, MI.  May the good news that you receive through this Bible Study guide you on your own journey of healing!

A Healing Journey Podcast
A Healing Journey

"Healing Conferences"Cindy Cox hosts and is involved in many “Healing Conferences” throughout the U.S. This compilation of healing teachings are from some of those conferences.

The Healing Collection Podcast
Healing Conferences

Cindy Cox Teaching

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