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Journeying Well

Journeying Well: Step by Step with Jesus is Cindy’s second testimonial/teaching book regarding her journey through stage four cancer, this time lymphoma, with malignant tumors in many bones and lymph nodes throughout her body. This chapter of Cindy’s life story is very different … but very powerful and hope-inspiring and relatable. Because this time, Cindy’s healing journey included traditional medical intervention; chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

In the midst of Cindy’s journey, she came to the realization that attaining her healing wasn’t even an issue. Her healing was a done deal. She KNEW that healing was her possession, paid for through Jesus at Calvary. God revealed to her that the significant part of her testimony wasn’t about her healing; rather it was about “journeying well” on the way to attaining the healing that was already hers. God directed Cindy to be transparent with the people she taught every week at healing school; sharing her spiritual journey through the midst of the cancer, treatment, and her subsequent healing. He also led her to write this book while she was in the very midst of her healing journey.

As you read, may you hear the voice of God speaking to you, just as He spoke to Cindy throughout her journey of healing—with compassion, with encouragement, revealing His will to heal you and to set you free from the bondage of sickness and pain!


Journeying Well

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