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      The doctor’s words reverberated in my head … "Stage 4 metastatic cancer, three years to live". As I prepared to die, my friend gave me the book, A Blessed Journey: Through Terminal Cancer … Into Divine Healing by Cindy Cox. This book quite literally saved my life. The simple and clear teachings of Jesus were presented in such a way that I could grasp and understand the concepts of the Lord’s healing power like I never had before. Praise God for the mighty work in this book! I am cancer free today after following the step by step instructions on how to access the Holy Spirit's power and the truths of God’s word. God bless you Cindy, and A Blessed Journey.

Penny Roby - Ann Arbor, MI
Healed of Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer!

      A Blessed Journey: Through Terminal Cancer … Into Divine Healing, by Cindy Cox has been the most life changing book that I have ever read, second only to the Bible. I received a copy of Cindy’s book only days after I was diagnosed with a very rare neuroendocrine cancer. It gave me hope and courage to face what was to come. Three oncologists and two oncology surgeons told me that there was no treatment and no cure for the type of cancer I had. I learned through Cindy’s book that she had received a divine healing and that it is always His will to heal. Reading A Blessed Journey started me on my own journey of trusting God and His Word regarding His divine healing. Cindy has included healing scriptures throughout the book which started my in-depth study of the Bible. My diagnosis went from bad to worse but my faith grew stronger. Then things started to turn around. The report from my last scan revealed that the original tumors had disappeared and there is only one small tumor on my lung remaining. God is still doing his work in me, both physically and spiritually. 
      God is doing a great work through Cindy. She is a great inspiration to me and anyone who knows her or has read her book. A Blessed Journey was the beginning of my trusting God with every aspect of my life as Cindy did. I know that my healing will soon be complete and I too declare the wonderful works of the Lord!

Geri McDowell - Lexington, KY
Healed of neuroendocrine cancer!


      We lift our hands in the sanctuary to give Him glory! God is good and most worthy of our praise! Thank you, God, for using this book to deposit Your word in me that I may be a witness for Your kingdom.   
      I just read Chapter 15 in your book, The Battle Continues. I became overcome in the Spirit of the Lord. God is not mocked, if He promises you deliverance the victory is as sure as His Word is truth.
      Kent, you and Cindy must get this book into the hands of as many radio programmers and directors as possible. This is a too compelling a story not to be told. God has ordained this work, and given the inspiration to Cindy to write it. She has become a present day inspirational writer. I do not hesitate to put her in the company of Paul or Luke. This story has to be told or the rocks will cry out. Fast and pray and seek God's divine direction, but above all tell the story! Praise the Lord!!!! 

Darryl Foster

Dear Cindy,

      Katie lent me your book (before she read it) and I was amazed at God's workings in your life. I have felt like I am living under the cloud of "cancer will come back, it's only a matter of time", since I had it in 2003. With the help of your book, I am claiming Jesus' healing power and am accepting his complete healing; believing now that cancer truly is over in my life! Thank you for being His messenger! 

Sue Kwant 

Dear Cindy,

      I am almost done reading your book that Duncan brought home a few days ago. I have to tell you, that from the "get-go" I started crying! Just reading your dedications caused tears to come to my eyes. That has been my reaction throughout the book. The sincerity of simplicity of the faith you have in Jesus is touching and definitely anointed. I believe many will receive not only healing by reading this book, but the personal saving knowledge of JESUS through it too. What a beautiful couple you and Kent make in the service of our Lord. God bless you both, and keep up the good work!!

Cindy Carswell

Cindy & Kent,

      Last Thursday I picked up your book and read half of it before I had to force myself to put it down to go to bed. What a story! It brings hope to us all. The power of prayer can never be overstated. I'm sure that you'll continue to be blessed with His great mercy as you continue to spread this word.

Bill Waters


      I just had to write to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your book. I relate strongly to many aspects and comments you make in the book, and find that I want more. I'm sure others will feel the same.

Gary Halls

God's answers for healing - Amazon 5 Stars

      We often think of a God who made the sick well back in "Biblical Times", but not today. As God's Word is presented by this author, we see a wonderful, compassionate God who is as good to His Word today as He was in the past. The author communicates effectively God's plan for healing today!

Review from Amazon Customer - Karen J. Elandt

Healing isn't a mystery any longer - Amazon 5 Stars 

      This book changed my life! I suffered from migraines that numbered anywhere from 3-15 a month. Through learning what the Bible says about healing,changing the words that came out of my mouth and growing my faith, I am living free of headaches. The author presents the how to's of healing and backs it all up scripturally, so even if you're like me, who in the beginning was skeptical, after you see it in the Word, you can only believe it. It couldn't be any more clear. My healing was a process, and at times it felt goofy claiming my healing in the middle of the fight against headaches, but I kept it up, and now I am living free from headaches and have helped others receive their healing too.
      I have applied the same faith building techniques to other areas of my life and seen situations change, and my husband and children and have also experienced divine healing from illness. The truth has set me free!
      You can sense through the author's personal writing style and gentle manner, her love for Jesus and her deep relationship with Him (and she lets the reader know that the same relationship is available to them)!
      A must!

Review from Amazon Customer - Healing Revealed (Salt Lake City, UT)

A Personal Witness - Amazon 5 Stars

      I wanted to write a review on this book that I have sent to many friends who have been suffering from illness. My special gift was having know Cindy and her family since the late 1980's. For me, her journey is not simply something I've read about, rather, something I've witnessed. When I share Cindy's book and story with friends who need to hear her message, I also share with them the fact that you are not simply reading about it, but hearing from a friend who has personally witnessed her journey. I have been very blessed knowing Cindy and being so close to her story. If you ever had any doubts about Jesus, you will not after reading her testimony. I can not recommend this more highly.

Review from Amazon Customer - Steve P. McGarry

Excellent Book - Amazon 5 Stars

      This book has been a blessing for me and my friend who is fighting cancer. Could not put this book down.

Review from Amazon Customer - Tammy J. Kancir (Anchorage, AK)

Miracle!! - Amazon 5 Stars

      I first read this book for myself a couple of years ago. My eyes were opened to the truths that were available for me regarding my own healing. The author's writing style is conversational and she uses easy to follow steps. I wasn't struggling with any big illnesses, but I still enjoyed this book.
      It wasn't until 1 1/2 years later that I came to fully witness the power that this book discusses. My husband was completely immobilized by a sudden manifestation of several back problems. We were at the end of our natural abilities, and medical doctors couldn't help him anymore because of other health issues that prohibited routine treatment. Long story short, I read this book to him chapter by chapter at his bedside and our hopelessness changed to belief that healing would manifest, and it did. Miraculously, my husband's pain left in one moment and he was back to work in a matter of days, after being on his back in bed in immense pain for weeks. His life and our family's lives have been transformed, not just physically, but spiritually.
      Even though the author's experience was with cancer, this book applies to other conditions...and if you are reading this thinking there is no hope for you and the doctor has given you a hopeless report, there are greater things in store for you!

Review from Amazon Customer - Denise DB

Divine Healing - Amazon 5 Stars

      Cindy did a great job using herself as real life testimony on healing of terminal cancer and bring to light the scripture that explain divine healing in great detail. Answers many popular questions people asked. A much read for those who wants to understand divine healing and how they would received it.

Review from Amazon Customer - Andrew Chuang

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