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2018 - Teachings

Our Power In Peace
Recorded Dec 2018

God’s peace is not an absence of something … rather, it is the Presence of a Person that destroys the presence of darkness! Jesus purchased our peace, and left us His peace as an inheritance! The peace of God provides us with the power to overcome the storms of life, not just to get through them!

Exalt the Truth Over the Facts
Recorded Dec 2018

Where do you rank God’s word of truth? It is critical to rank it ABOVE the facts (the diagnosis, the statistics, the symptoms, etc.). Until you make God’s word the highest authority in your life, it will not have complete authority in your life!

God’s View of Sickness and Health
Recorded Nov 2018

Many people believe that God gives or allows sickness as a tool to teach or perfect us, or to discipline us for our own good. They have created a theology to accommodate sickness and premature death! In this teaching, Cindy shares God’s view of sickness and health, evidenced through His Word! When we view sickness the way God views it, it will birth a holy anger and a lack of tolerance toward sickness and disease, and a fervor of faith and confidence in Jesus!

Sharing Your Healing Testimony
Recorded Aug 2018

Cindy with Guest Speaker, Chris Carlson

Sharing our testimony is sharing the Gospel, because we’re sharing a story of God’s goodness, His nature, and His will and purpose for His children. In this recording, Cindy teaches how to point others to Jesus and to give God all the glory as we share our story!

Then, Chris Carlson shares the wonderful love and healing grace of God through her testimony of being miraculously healed of the “suicide disease”!!

The Power of the Testimony
Recorded Aug 2018

Testimonies reveal God’s nature. They create an expectation in our heart for God’s healing to be manifested in our own life. AND a prophetic anointing is released through the testimony!

Freely Receive - Freely Give
Recorded Aug 2018

Receiving God’s grace and giving as you have received both require action on our part. In this message, Cindy teaches about your active role in receiving the good news of healing, and then stepping out and ministering healing to others! Matthew 10:8 says, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give!

Jesus’ Motivation for Ministry - Compassion
Recorded Aug 2018

Compassion is a deep awareness in our innermost being of the needs or suffering of others, coupled with a desire to relieve it. Jesus was moved with compassion, and then took action! The result … teaching, healing, forgiving, restoring, responding to needs! He manifested the heart of the Father through His ministry. Knowing the compassion of Christ stimulates our faith to receive the gift of life that Jesus purchased for us!

God is Good, The Devil is Bad
Recorded July 2018

In this teaching, Cindy shares the foundational truth that God is good. He is only good. He is always good. She uncovers 4 areas of confusion where we have mixed truth with experience and tried to make our experiences fit into God’s truth. But in the process we’ve unknowingly started to perceive evil as good, and we’ve bought a dangerous lie of the enemy that causes us to question the goodness of God.

Remember His Benefits!
Recorded July 2018

In this teaching, Cindy walks through Psalm 103:1-5 … and meditates upon God’s benefits that He tells us not to forget … Forgiveness, healing, redemption, loving-kindness and tender mercy, and renewed youth!

Out of Darkness, Into Light!
Recorded July 2018

Jesus overthrew the ruler of this dark world. Everyone who believes and trusts in Him as Savior has been rescued from the dominion of darkness, and we are now sons and daughters of the light! We ARE the light of the world! But it is critical that we walk in the light, and allow the light to shine brightly in us and through us. Our fountain of light is found in Jesus. In His light, we see light … even through challenges or difficult circumstances in life! Light extinguishes darkness … it’s NOT the other way around!!!

Restoring Healing Thoughts
Guest Speaker: Marlene Klepees
Recorded June 2018

Uncommon Faith
Guest Speaker: Pastor Fran Viers
Recorded June 2018

There is a distinction between head faith and bible faith. Uncommon faith pleases God (Hebrews 1:6); but few believers walk in this kind of faith. Uncommon faith believes whether you “feel” it or not. Uncommon faith will not be denied, no matter what man is saying, no matter the circumstances! Uncommon faith doesn’t focus on the problem, but instead focuses on Jesus and the finished work of His cross! Uncommon faith is aggressive. Uncommon faith is active! Uncommon faith not only believes, but also receives God’s word!!

Rocket Fuel Prayer
Recorded June 2018

God downloaded this teaching into Cindy’s heart via a dream. In the natural, the higher the level of octane a fuel contains, the more pure and powerful it is. Rocket fuel … unlike the fuel we use in our earth-bound vehicles, has a completely different formulation. It has tremendous thrust and power that can propel a rocket out of earth’s atmosphere! James 5:16 says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. This kind of prayer is active, spiritually powerful, and effectual!

The Power of the Blessing
Recorded June 2018

James 3:10 says, Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so. There is great power in speaking the biblical blessing over yourself, over your loved ones, over your health, your marriage, your finances, etc. Speak blessings, not curses, over your body in the very area where it is sick or hurting or weak! Cindy shares a powerful testimony of healing of a young boy’s problems with learning and behavior as a result of the prayer of blessing.

Recorded May 2018

In this teaching, Cindy shares the enemy’s bait of the spiritual infection of hopelessness, and medicine to heal it! There is an antidote to hopelessness … a Living Hope … Jesus! Become, and remain FULL of hope!.

3 Big Questions!
With Russian Translation
Recorded May 2018

In this teaching, Cindy discusses 3 big questions:
Is it God’s will to heal?
How do I pray effectively?
How do I keep my healing when symptoms are coming back stronger than before?

The Spirit of Adoption
Guest Speakers - Chris & Dave Carlson
Recorded May 2018

We are excited to share Chris and Dave Carlson's teaching about our true identity as adopted children of God ... and our inheritance!!! What amazing GOOD NEWS!!!.

Say No to Fear Forever!
Recorded May 2018

There is a huge difference between God-given natural fear that is healthy and serves us well in order to protect us and keep us safe … and the spirit of fear, a deception of the enemy, which can become a stronghold and shape our life in an extremely negative way. The enemy can’t stop God, but he can stop the God in us. Behind every fear there is a lie. In this teaching, Cindy exposes lies, and shares truth that has the potential to set you free from the bondage of fear!

Enter His Rest - Part 3
Recorded May 2018

Hebrews 3:19 says, So we see that they were not able to enter [into His rest – the promised land] because of unbelief and an unwillingness to trust in God. Unbelief has the potential to cancel out our belief, and keep us from entering the rest of God. We don’t need big faith, we just need a pure faith that isn’t canceled out, counterbalanced, or negated by unbelief pulling in the opposite direction. Unbelief has to be fed and nourished in order to survive. In this teaching, Cindy shares very practical strategies on how to starve unbelief, and how to feed faith!

Enter His Rest - Part 2
Recorded April 2018

In Part 2 of this series, Cindy teaches about resting in His promises, and being confident in His faithfulness! Romans 12:2 instructs us to NOT be conformed to the world, but instead, to be transformed (completely changed) by the renewing of your mind. God commands us to meditate on His Word day and night, to pay close attention, to listen carefully, to let His Word penetrate deep into our heart. Cindy shared what Bible meditation looks/sounds/feels like, and how it leads you into a place of resting in the finished work of Jesus.

Enter His Rest - Part 1
Recorded April 2018

Hebrews 4:9 says: So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God. And then verse 11 says: Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest! This apparent paradox means that we are to trust God completely, and be dependent and in complete submission to Him … THAT is where we are to put forth our efforts!

In Part 1 of this series on entering His rest, Cindy shares the importance of growing in knowing God, (especially His love) through our relationship with Him … because that is the only way that we can come to completely trust Him!!!

The Gift of Grace
Recorded April 2018

The better covenant of grace, ratified through the precious blood of Jesus, accomplished what the law could never accomplish. The grace of God redeemed us from the power and the penalty of sin, and made us right with God! God’s grace is universal; no one is excluded from this marvelous gift. The work of the cross is finished. However, in order to receive this gift, we must have faith … we must believe in Jesus and in the finished work of His cross.

Every aspect of salvation (including healing) is provided through God’s free gift of grace and is accessed by our faith! But just as working to keep the law never made us perfect … working to get healed will never purchase our healing! We’re healed by faith in what Jesus did for us – not by the works that we do for Him!

Effects of Praise - Part 3
The Effect Praise Has on the Enemy
Recorded Jan 2018

Praise is the greatest weapon we have against Satan and his daily onslaught. It literally makes Satan flee in terror when we begin to praise God. The anointing of God is able to manifest itself in the absence of opposition from the devil. Praise is spiritual warfare!

Effects of Praise - Part 2
The Effect Praise Has on the Believer
Recorded Jan 2018

The effect praise has on the believer is HUGE! Praise gives us peace and inner strength. Praise puts everything in the proper perspective. Praise is an expression of faith. Praise gives us an attitude adjustment. Praise takes us into the very presence of Almighty God!

Effects of Praise - Part 1
The Effect Praise Has on God
Recorded Jan 2018

Many of us have a misconception – we think that our net worth to God is our service. That’s not true! God doesn’t just long for what we can do for Him … He longs for our affection! God loves us as a parent loves a child, and He desires our love in return! Our love, our thanksgiving, our praise and our worship bless Him!

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