Healing Wisdom Keys

Wisdom Keys for Healing #1
Do This In Remembrance Of Me
Recorded June 2016
Guest Speaker: Ellen Anderson

Healing is forever settled through Jesus. It is one of two amazing gifts purchased through Christ’s redemptive sacrifice. The shedding of His blood purchased our righteousness through remission of sin. The breaking of His body purchased our shalom peace; which includes quiet, tranquility, contentment, completeness, safety, soundness in body, health, welfare, and prosperity. Jesus paid the price for healing and wholeness in our spirit, our soul, and our body. By His stripes, we were healed! Knowing this truth is a true wisdom key that unlocks healing doors!

Wisdom Keys for Healing #2
You Are Loved
Recorded June 2016

Knowing you are loved by your heavenly Father is your absolute most important wisdom key for healing! Cindy revealed 2 lies of the enemy that deceive many believers. The first lie is that we need to earn our healing. The truth is that we receive all of God’s gifts based ONLY on His grace and His love for us! The second lie is that we don’t think we deserve God’s healing because of our own behavior, weaknesses, or failures. The truth is that the blood of Jesus was shed to pay our debt, and to purchase our righteousness – our worthiness. We must stop focusing on our past failures and focus on God’s love for us instead! He loves us, and that is the basis for our healing.

Wisdom Keys for Healing #3
Exalt The Truth Over Facts

Recorded June 2016
Guest Speaker: Fran Viers

The bad report we hear about our health is not the final report! A bad report does not carry authority in our lives unless we let it. In our humanity, we depend on our 5 senses to illuminate our understanding. But faith is the evidence of things not seen … faith is believing before we see! Faith is not denying the facts, but rather exalting the truth of God’s Word ABOVE the facts.

Wisdom Keys for Healing #4
Your Faith, Your Move

Recorded July 2016

You receive the finished work of Jesus according to YOUR faith – not someone else’s faith or revelation. Once faith is conceived in your heart, nothing can stop you from your appointment with healing! 

There is a misunderstanding in the body of Christ that says, “If God wants me well, then I’ll get well. That is His business, and there is nothing I can do about it.” But OUR faith and OUR free will and actions greatly affect what part of God’s will we receive. God has done His part. Now He is waiting on us to believe and take action on our faith. It’s our move now!

Wisdom Keys for Healing #5
Surround Yourself With Faith Builders
(Not Faith Killers)

Recorded July 2016
Guest Speaker: Tom Viers

A true faith builder will always point you to the Word, and to Jesus, the Word made flesh! We need to hear about Jesus, experience Jesus, and speak about Jesus! As much as possible, we need to shut off the voices and resources that discourage us. We need to starve doubt and feed on Jesus (the Word) who is the bread of life!

Wisdom Keys for Healing #6
Eyes to See, Ears to Hear

Recorded July 2016

What is the primary picture on the canvas of your heart … sickness and death, or health and life? If you are not seeing yourself well, meditate on the Word until God’s picture becomes clearly stamped on your soul. You need to see it to be it! 

Hearing and healing are connected. Each battle for health that we face in our lives is different. It is imperative to remain dependent upon the Lord and listen for His voice of direction for the specific strategy He has for our healing.

Wisdom Keys for Healing #7
Active vs. Passive Faith
Recorded July 2016

Being PASSIVE does not involve active participation; rather it is simply being the object of action rather than causing action. Being ACTIVE, on the other hand, does involve participation and causes influence or change. God has completed His part in providing our healing, through the redemptive work of Jesus. But we have complete freedom of choice whether God’s perfect will of healing comes to pass in our lives or not. It doesn’t happen without our cooperation! We need to be an active participant in our believing and receiving!!!

Wisdom Keys for Healing #8
Unbelief – The Enemy of Faith

Recorded Aug 2016
Guest Speaker: Fran Viers

Unbelief is not weak faith. It is not a lack of faith. Unbelief comes when we focus our attention on other things God’s Word. (i.e. the doctor reports, the test results, other peoples’ opinions and experiences, internet research) We don’t need a huge faith. But we do need a pure faith that doesn’t contradict, counterbalance, or negate our faith! Unbelief will make faith ineffective. Listen to this teaching for encouragement and to learn God’s way to walk by faith and not by sight!

Wisdom Keys for Healing #9
Examine Your Heart
Recorded Aug 2016
Guest Speaker: Kathy Bandol

In this powerful teaching, Kathy shares WHY it is important to examine our heart; HOW we examine our heart; and TOOLS to examine your heart. As we examine our heart, God reveals truth where we may have been believing lies, unforgiveness is rooted out and replaced with freedom from bondage, and soul wounds are healed. An abundant life, which includes physical health, is dependent on the condition of your heart. (3 John 1:2)

Wisdom Keys for Healing #10
Hope-FULL-ness … not Hope-LESS-ness
Recorded Aug 2016

In this teaching, Cindy shares how the enemy infects our soul with hopelessness when our hope is attacked or deferred. And she shares spiritual medicine that will kill the infection of hopelessness and restore your hope – your confident and joyous expectation in God and in His promises! Renounce the lie of hopelessness and replace it with the truth of a Living Hope in Jesus and His finished work of the cross!

Wisdom Keys for Healing #11
Dealing With Counterattacks

Recorded Aug 2016
Guest Speaker: Tom Viers

If you are a child of God, you cannot lose your healing, because it resides within your spirit. But you can be deceived into thinking you’ve lost it! The enemy knows that the God’s Word is alive and powerful. That is why he comes to steal God’s Word, (His promises) from your heart. God’s word is a seed. In this teaching, Tom teaches powerful truth about the living seed of God’s Word, how to water it, and to expect the harvest of healing and health!

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