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      I can't say enough about this writer. Love her books. I bought two by this author. Really makes you think about LIFE! Very good read! Definitely would buy more books from her! LOVE IT!

Review from Amazon Customer - "Sleepy Head"

Healed for Life helped me understand clearly how to keep my healing and to help me recognize things that might come to steal it away from me. If you want all the benefits that God has for you for your life, this book will help you! I'm so grateful for the information and the dedication of the author to educate about God's will to heal!

Review from Denise Baum

Healed For Life is clear and concise with everything in it being supported by Scripture. Cindy points out the significance that faith plays in receiving and keeping our healing. She also reminds us to seek the Healer, not the healing and the importance of keeping God at the center of our life in order to maintain our healing. In the second part of her book, Cindy discusses the subtle ways the enemy tries to steal our healing. She equips us with the necessary tools to defeat Satan and explains the power and authority we have over him in order to keep our healing. This book was extremely helpful for me, and I consider it a must read.

Review from Amazon Customer 5 Star - This is an outstanding book - Kathy Bandol

Everything in this book has been tested by hard experience. The author shares what she's been through, what she's watched people go through, and shares it with us. So much credibility here..

Review from Amazon Customer 5 Star

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