Possess The Land

Possess the Land – Part 1
Possessing Truth

Recorded June 2020

Grace is God’s entire provision for man – spirit, soul, and body – and was purchased through Jesus’ sacrificial death, burial and resurrection. But we must POSSESS God’s grace which was purchased for us. It is NOT automatic! The greatest attack on the Word and humanity today is the enemy’s never-ending attack on Truth. Since the beginning the enemy has attacked men by sowing doubt about God’s nature and His Word. God’s truth must be possessed! It must become the foundation of our life!

Possess the Land – Part 2
Possessing Your New Identity

Recorded June 2020

When you were born again, you received a brand-new identity! Your old identity has been crucified with Messiah and no longer lives! A change of identity brings about a change of destiny! But in order to live out your God-ordained destiny, you must take possession of your new identify! How? Knowledge of God’s truth AND a growing and deepening relationship with your Father will unveil who you are, Whose you are, and what you have been given through the grace of God!

Possess the Land – Part 3
Possessing Healing and Health

Recorded June 2020

Through God’s extravagant grace, children of God have already been gifted divine healing, divine health, and a divine life! These are deposited within our spirit man at our new birth. However, in order to take possession of our healing and health in your body and soul, we must first possess the truth of God’s word regarding His healing grace. We must also take possession of our new identity as the healed of the Lord. Say, “I am not a sick person trying to obtain my healing. I am a healed person defending the healing that’s already been gifted to me through God’s grace!” THEN we will be prepared to enter our promised land of healing and wholeness in any and every area of our life!

Possess the Land - Part 4
Only Believe
Recorded July 2020

Hebrews 3:19 says, So we see that they were not able to enter [into His rest – the promised land] because of unbelief and an unwillingness to trust in God. Unbelief has the potential to cancel out our belief, and keep us from entering the rest of God. We don’t need big faith, we just need a pure faith that isn’t canceled out, counterbalanced, or negated by unbelief pulling in the opposite direction. Unbelief has to be fed and nourished in order to survive. In this teaching, Cindy shares very practical strategies on how to starve unbelief, and how to feed faith!

Possess the Land - Part 5
Exalt the Truth Over the Facts
Recorded July 2020

Where do you rank God’s word of truth? It is critical to rank it ABOVE the facts (the diagnosis, the statistics, the symptoms, etc.). Until you make God’s word the highest authority in your life, it will not have complete authority in your life!

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