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A Blessed Journey

A Blessed Journey: Through Terminal Cancer … into Divine Healing; is the true story of a 43-year-old wife, teacher and mother of three, diagnosed with melanoma cancer in the middle of life, given six to nine months to live by the established medical community – and she then miraculously was healed. In this testimonial book, Cindy tells of the journey she took as she was diagnosed with cancer, turned her life over to Christ and received her divine healing through faith. Cindy also addresses the difficult questions associated with divine healing and offers ways for others to receive their maximum healing potential!

Healed for Life

Healed For Life: How to Keep Your Healing, Cindy’s newest book, is the important next step in living out your divine life that Jesus came to provide (John 10:10).  Living out a life of health in body, soul, and spirit requires a consistent and intimate relationship with the Healer.  It requires a healthy spiritual “diet”. It requires continual spiritual cleansing.  If the disease attempts to resurface, it includes ridding yourself of fear, which is the opponent of faith.  And it requires healthy living … good health habits, maintaining a stress and worry-free lifestyle, and keeping balance within your life.   Healed For Life will provide you with clear and loving guidelines in how to consistently seek God first in every area of your life, and receive His ongoing benefits!

God Says Yes, We Say Amen

God Says Yes, We Say Amen:  He Heals Today! is a foundational 10-week Bible study curriculum centered upon God’s will to heal (He says Yes!) and our part to receive (We say Amen!). 

As you pursue God’s truth through this Bible study, you will discover answers to major questions regarding healing …  Is it truly God’s will to heal?  What is our part in receiving?  How can we exercise our authority as believers over disease, pain, and fear?  As you come to know God’s truth, you will be set free to live in the fullness of life that God intends for you!

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