A Healing Journey

Session 01: It Truly IS God’s Will to Heal
Released May 01, 2013

How often have we heard the phrase, "If it be God’s will" in conjunction with healing? The purpose of this lesson is to settle once and for all, that there is no IF in the equation of healing! It absolutely, positively IS our heavenly Father’s will to heal us! God’s Word settles that question once and for all!

Session 02: God's Perfect Will for You
Released May 08, 2013

In Session 1, we established the Biblical foundation that it is indeed God’s will that you are healed.  But in this world, we see sickness everywhere! The purpose of this lesson is to differentiate between God’s perfect will for you, and His permissive will. We will also explore several causes of sickness and disease in this world.

Session 03: The Great Exchange
Released May 15, 2013

When Adam and Eve committed the initial sin of disobedience towards God, the enemy gained authority over the earth and mankind. When sin entered the world, the effects of sin tagged right along... sickness, pain, fear, poverty, etc. But Jesus redeemed us from sin and ALL the effects of sin (including disease and pain!) when He paid the price in full with His blood, with love! In this lesson, we will look to God’s Word, and the complete package of redemption that Jesus bought for us with His blood! 

Session 04: Biblical Ways to Receive Healing
Released May 22, 2013

The purpose of this lesson is to look at how healing was received throughout the new testament, both in Jesus’ ministry, and in the ministry of His disciples after He ascended into heaven and gave us the great commission to continue on with His ministry. Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, it follows that healing can be received in the same way today that it was received during Jesus’ ministry on this earth!

Session 05: Understanding The Healing
Power of God
Released May 29, 2013

In this session, we explore several aspects of God’s healing power.  When is His power to heal present?  How can it be administered?  What is our part in receiving the manifest healing power of God?   The purpose of this teaching is to reveal God’s truth regarding His healing power.

Session 06: The Prayer of Faith - Part 1
Released Jun 06, 2013

Jesus teaches us that whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24) The question, then, is how do we develop a faith to believe without doubting in our heart?  In this session, we look at the great biblical “definition” of faith, and explore the connection between hope (expectation) and faith.


Session 07: The Prayer of Faith - Part 2
Released Jun 20, 2013

In this session, Cindy teaches about child-like faith.  She shares truth about strengthening your faith through meditation on God’s Word and abiding in His presence.  And she shares scriptural evidence that God’s Word carries creative power!

Session 08: The Prayer of Faith - Part 3
Released Jun 27, 2013

Are you positioned to receive?  Before you became a child of the King, you were under the control and dominion of darkness.   But not anymore!  The purpose of this lesson is to reveal the deception of the enemy, and to move from the position of deception into the position of receiving!

Session 09: The Balance of Faith and Grace
Released Jul 11, 2013

We’ve learned about God’s grace.  We’ve learned about the prayer of faith.  Today we look at keeping a balanced understanding of grace and faith.  Faith is not trying to get God to do something, because He’s already completed His work! Rather, faith is believing what He has already done! 

Session 10: Developing A Relationship with 
Your Father - Part 1
Released Jul 24, 2013

The very essence of faith is the trust we have in God based on who we know Him to be through our relationship with Him.  It is impossible to believe the Word of God if we don’t KNOW the giver of that Word!  Are you seeking healing, or are you seeking the Healer?  You will not find one without the Other.

Session 11: Developing A Relationship with
Your Father - Part 2
Released Aug 01, 2013

We continue the discussion about growing in the trust we have in God as we develop our relationship with Him.  This session’s focus is on prayer – communing with the living God, and on praise and worship - pouring out our love and devotion to our great big God!

Session 12: Living In The Fullness Of 
The Holy Spirit
Released Aug 08, 2013

We've learned about the wonder and awe of developing a relationship with our Father. We’ve learned about the New Covenant of grace provided through Jesus our Savior. In this session we learn about the fullness of the Trinity, which includes the precious Holy Spirit.

Session 13: Checking Your Soul
Released Aug 29, 2013

The purpose of this lesson is to take an inward look at our soul; our mind, our will, and our emotions, and to discuss how to live as an overcomer in this area of your lives!  As we align ourselves with God’s will, we open the door wide for God’s healing to be manifested within our bodies.

Session 14: Jesus Healer Of The Wounded Soul
Released Sep 05, 2013

The health of your soul affects the health of your body.  Disappointment, loneliness, hurt, offense, unforgiveness, worry, fear, anxiety and depression are all signs of a wounded soul.  But Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, and to set the captive free!  This session includes both teaching and corporate ministry to the wounded soul.

Session 15: Godly Living - Part 1
Released Sep 19, 2013

We’ve been learning through the Word of God that we have an active part to play in receiving our healing (and in all areas of abundant living)! The purpose of this lesson is to gain knowledge of what God’s plans, expectations, and even commands are for us as we live with Christ as our Lord.

Session 16: Godly Living - Part 2
Released Oct 03, 2013

Think of your heart as a garden. On the day you invited Jesus to be your Lord and your Savior, He entered into your heart. But that garden may have lots of weeds growing in it as well, many of them left over from your previous life!  As we weed out our worldly nature, and grow in our godly nature, we will reap a bountiful harvest... including healing!

Session 17: Living A Lifestyle of Forgiveness
Part 1
Released Oct 10, 2013

God asks us to forgive, in order to make our heart open to receive His forgiveness. The purpose of this lesson is to expose a bait of satan; the subtle way the enemy captures people into bondage through offense and unforgiveness. This lesson reveals symptoms of unforgiveness or offense, and teaches what God’s Word says about how to live a lifestyle of forgiveness.

Session 18: Living A Lifestyle of Forgiveness
Part 2
Released Oct 17, 2013

In this teaching, Cindy answers the crucial questions: “Exactly what is forgiveness?”; “How do I forgive?; and “What about those lingering feelings that remain?”  This session includes teaching and corporate ministry of “letting go” of past wounds.

Session 19: Living A Lifestyle of Forgiveness
Part 3
Released Oct 31, 2013

Are you holding onto self-condemnation?  The enemy has deceived many believers into buying the lie that they are not worthy of God’s love, of His forgiveness, of His healing.  But we ARE worthy, not because of anything we’ve done or earned, but rather because of what Jesus did for us, in our place!

Session 20: Overcoming Fear - Part 1
Released Nov 07, 2013

We have established the importance of standing in faith in God and in His Word.  Faith is a powerful spiritual force... a way to access the hand of God! But fear is also a spiritual force; the opposite force of faith, satan’s destructive power. The purpose of this lesson is to clearly contrast faith and fear, and to tell you good news ... God provides all that we need in order to stand up to the destructive force of fear, and to rid ourselves of this negative spiritual force!

Session 21: Overcoming Fear - Part 2
Released Nov 14, 2013

Faith is God’s creative power.  Fear is satan’s destructive power.  The Bible states 365 times, “Do not fear”.  In this session, Cindy shares God’s way to fear-roof your life, and fortify your faith to receive!

Session 22: Spiritual Warfare
Released Nov 21, 2013

In this lesson, we will look to God’s Word to see that He has provided us with armor to protect us from ALL of the enemy’s attacks.  Here’s the great news: We do not have to beat or defeat satan... Jesus already did!  God has given believers authority over satan.  The purpose of this lesson is to teach you HOW to ENFORCE that authority!

Session 23: Believe, Obey, Act!
Released Dec 11, 2013

In A Healing Journey, we’ve searched God’s Word to learn His perfect will for our lives, which includes healing and wholeness in our body. As we come to know His Word and His will, our faith, or belief in His Word, grows stronger and stronger! The purpose of this lesson is to explore another factor in receiving the precious healing that our Savior died to provide for us. Our actions must correspond with our believing!

Session 24: Praise Your Way To Victory!
Released January 9, 2014

Although this is the last lesson in A Healing Journey, it is absolutely NOT true that you should wait for the manifestation of your healing to give God praise and thanksgiving! In fact, just the opposite is true! Praise should continually be in your mouth! Praise is a dynamic, powerful force! Praise defeats the enemy!

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